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Facilities Engineer Should design, review and implement new processes or improvements in the operations or construction of a manufacturing or related facility. Facilities Engineer plan, design and oversee the reconfiguration, maintenance and alteration of equipment, machinery, building, structures , HVAC and other facilities. Facilities engineers work in both offices and work sites, depending on the nature of their projects. Facilities Engineering is the Future Of MEP Engineering domain incorporating the administration of all the facility management systems provided by the structure. ARCITE is the only provider of full-fledged Facilities Engineering short term course in KERALA with onsite training and Project oriented Syllabus.

Duration 4 MONTHS


Design, develop or supervise the installation of electrical equipment, components or system for commercial, Industrial or utility use. Candidates are Provided with coaching for Department of Electrical Inspectorate Licence. This Diploma Certificate program covers the full design and analysis of Electrical Building Services from the fundamentals to Power System design, Wiring and Cable Management Systems, Lighting systems, Earthing Design and Calculations, LV & MV Panels, Transformer and Generator selections, Fire Alarm Systems, HVAC and STP Controlling Systems, Communication systems like Networking, Security Surveillance Systems like CCTV, Access control System etc.

Duration 3 MONTHS


Electrical draftsman play a key role in the Electrical design industry .They does the 2d & 3d of electrical layout. This is a fast- paced program designed to present all major topics relative to the design of Electrical Building Services. Candidates learn concept theory, problem solving, system design, CAD drafting.This certificate program introduces the full range of Electrical Building Services topics from the fundaments to Power System Design, Wiring Accessories, Cable Management system, Lighting Systems, Earthling, Fire Alarm Systems,Systems, Access Control Systems etc. Each topic is presented so as to demonstrate the “real world” impact of design decisions on resulting system performance. Numerous examples of actual designs are presented. Electrical Designing and Drafting is a major area where students are given an in depth knowledge in various areas in Electrical side of all kinds of buildings and Distribution systems. This course intends to make the candidates to professionals who can design or manage the electrical activities of building systems or distribution systems with maximum energy utilization.

Duration 3 MONTHS / 6 MONTH


QA (Quality Assurance)/QC (Quality control) is a process which entitles to review Quality of all factors involved in electrical production and instrumentation. In every industry QA/QC have major rule to Develop and determine all standards to perform inspection and tests on all procedures to oversee all testing methods and maintain high standards of quality for all processes. Review quality of all materials at site and ensure compliance to all project specifications and quality to collaborate with department for all material procurement and maintain quality of materials. Supervise effective implementation of all test and inspection schedule and ensure adherence to all procedures and coordinate with various teams to perform quality audits on processes. Assist employees to ensure knowledge of all the quality standards and compliance to the quality manual along with the procedures to collaborate with contractors and suppliers to maintain quality of all systems.

Duration 3 MONTHS