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ARCITE’s History

The ARC Institute of Technical Education (ARCITE) is a technical facility that offers education on a variety of job-related courses to college students and young hopefuls seeking assistance on further education and training. The facility offers educational opportunities to both high-achieving and low-achieving kids. ARCITE was founded on this principle in order to provide correct and real service to kids and adults who are excited about growing their technical knowledge as well as their academic advancement and acceptability.

We work hard to prepare our students to be turnkey technocrats, capable of facing the real world. Our sessions are created in such a way that it feels natural for newcomers to begin their Kerala Technical PSC Coaching preparation. Regular Model examinations, guidance sessions, student feedback sessions, and so on make ARCITE SCHOOL OF COMPETITIVE EXAMS a one-of-a-kind platform for all job seekers preparing to take the most sought competitive exams.

Our Philosophy

The only thing we don't compromise on is quality. Exam patterns and questions are changed on a regular basis in the realm of competitive exams. We have our own resource development and research wing at ARCITE in order to predict changes in exam patterns, new pedagogies, and new probable questions on a regular basis.

ARCITE's Principle

Our classroom program has a greater reach and credibility. The classroom atmosphere is so exhilarating and competitive because of the regular feedback system, state-of-the-art facilities, and competitive peer group building that each student will try to strive for victory. From basic to advanced levels of learning, we always deliver the best concept-wise training for engineering competitive exams. With a faculty team that is well-trained and experienced. We can confidently state that our resources are current and under constant modification.

Key Of Success

Our students receive a higher degree of practice and mock test takes before attending an exam, thanks to the highest quality and frequent online and offline examinations. After completing a course, each student will be evaluated with more than 100 tests covering all subjects and extensive explanations. Our engineering faculty is the best in the state, having been fostered, honed, and mentored by seasoned professionals. We are devoted to developing qualified engineers for public sector engineering services


Our classes are streamed via a personalized learning app called ARCITE VIRTUAL LEARNING APP, which is available in the Play Store and on the Web platform. It is specially designed for job searchers around the nation and promises a whole unique learning experience. The app includes live and recorded lessons from the top faculty team, a comprehensive test series, career updates, exam notifications, free quizzes, and much more.


With best quality and frequent online and offline tests, all our students get higher level of practice and mock test takes before attending an exam. When a course is completed, each student will be assessed with more than 100 number of tests covering all subjects with detailed explanations as well


Kerala PSC Departmental Tests include a variety of departmental tests online. Questions for Departmental Tests are gathered from previous Kerala PSC examinations. Each question is chosen and digested by our academic staff to maximize its use for learners. We have a team of seasoned and exceptional faculty members who can deliver the greatest results for you. They guide you to the best path to success. We make certain that you pass on the first try with a high percentage. We will be discussing significant issues in each session on a regular basis. We go through each chapter in detail and use easy language so that everyone can comprehend what is going on. By attending our program on a regular basis, you will gain in-depth knowledge of Service rules.